The real names of Mlle. de Maintenon were Anne Paule Dominique, which, sonorous as they sound, were those of a poor old man and woman of the labouring class whom the Duchess had chosen to be her daughters godfather and godmother.

But my letter has gone, he said; what shall I do?


Stop! he cried; I know that woman.

Horrified at the h?tel of Tallien being in the place de lchafaud, she exclaimed


It was necessary in the next place to look for a permanent abode, and this seemed to be difficult. The apartment in the French Academy was too small, though every one who knows Rome will understand what a temptation its magnificent situation must have been to stay there.

Madame, have you not brought any other dress?

The days were rapidly approaching when she would be thankful that an early death had saved him from the fate of his brother.

How she could have entertained so mad an idea seems inexplicable; but in fact, bad as the French news was, she was far from understanding the frightful state of the country. In those days news travelled slowly, important events only became partially known long after they had taken place; and as to private letters, people dared not put in them anything which might endanger either themselves or their friends.